About Us

Constance Care has always been a market leader in care for many years, in fact our management team alone equals in excess of 200 years experience in Community Care. However we are never sitting back on past merits but always looking to the future.

We are totally committed to the highest standard of excellence in care.

We celebrate diversity throughout the community. The Company believes that discrimination on the grounds of disability, race, culture, religion or beliefs is unacceptable.

At Constance Care we believe in the highest standard of  care through our holistic approach to the whole spectrum of each person’s care.

‘Our care must be flexible to short and long term delivery and available to help in crisis situations. Our principal objective is the provision of quality support to enable people of all ages to be cared for in their own home for as long as is possible, or to enable them to return to their own homes from hospital or accommodation elsewhere, thereby promoting real choice between Care at Home and Residential Care’

We truly believe that people should be treated as individuals. No two people have the same needs or likes and we recognise that our staff vary in ability and personality and it is our job to match your requirements to that of our monitored and trained workforce. We encourage you and our employees to realise their expectations within care.


Constance Care is committed to the principle of equal opportunities. It is the aim of the Company to ensure that no person receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, race, age, colour, creed, religion, ethnic or national origin, nationality, marital/parental status, disability, sexuality or social status. We will not discriminate between
people who pay privately and those who do not.

Constance Care is a family owned and run Company and has been a market leader with Care in the Community for nearly 30 years. Many of these years have been committed to looking after and encouraging people to live independently within their own homes. We never sit back on past merits but constantly strive to improve our quality and look to future trends and innovation within Care at Home.

‘We are totally committed to the highest standard of excellence in Care within the Community’


Our staff are employed on a permanent basis – we do not employ casual workers. All of our staff have two positive references, one of which must be the last employer, and the second preferably a work related contact. A third reference can be offered and can be a character reference. These are in possession alongwith an enhanced disclosure through Protection of Vulnerable Groups [PVG], prior to providing support to you.

Our staff are selected for their experience, compassionate nature and reliability. We support our staff with six weekly team meetings and bi-annual supervision and annual appraisals, on a one to one.  All new staff have a one week induction, four of those days are direct ‘class based’ theory and practical demonstrations. Followed with on the job shadowing with an experienced senior home carer, home carer.

We actively train our staff jointly with local authorities and health collaterals. Offering a quality of training which is both professionally recognised and certificated. There is a rolling programme each year for training and monthly key themes, which staff have influenced as key areas.

All staff wear a uniform and carry ID badges, all are fully insured. We are fortunate to have our own Training suite and all our staff are trained within this suite to the highest possible standard.

You will recieve a high standard of care from us, and we continually look to ensure our standard is better than good. We monitor our practice, some of this through direct monitoring of employees, and through quality questionairres, alongwith talking to you to ensure it is meeting your individual needs.

We will make sure you have control and ensure we listen to your views, and we record with your permission a very detailed and robust Pesonal Plan. Detailing all your support needs, wishes, aspirations and outcomes.

All our documentation is ISO 9001 and has no minors or majors from our external audit, which takes place annually.

Gender Pay Gap

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