Staff Annual Appraisal

Our employees need to know we appreciate the good work they do and it’s always nice to know that you are appreciated. Our annual Staff Appraisals work well to recognise good practice, encourage where necessary better practice and have a holistic approach to the employee.

This process is about reflecting on your skills and your manager supporting you to be the best you can. Future training needs will be recorded and aspirations. This in turn informs our Business Plan and how we best support our employees and the needs to ensure we continue to provide a quality service to you.

Supervision -although we prefer to call this Support and Development

There are two formal supervisions a year, where staff have one to one dedicated time to discuss any issues with a line manager. Employees are encouraged not to wait to these meetings to raise issues and we have an Open Door Policy. We are open to listen and act upon issues as they come along.

Also at this time we will discuss any training required for you to carry out your job in a professional manner. This is again a two way meeting and identifies any areas of current training requirements.

Constance Care provide free of charge SVQ training

To ensure that all Employees are selected and trained for the specific job that they are employed for and that they meet the needs of all legislation. More importantly feel confident to offer care and do so in a manner which you would wish for yourself… Read more on Constance Care’s staff training process…