Constance Care is a family owned and run company. We believe that working for us is something to be proud of and are always looking for innovative and caringĀ people to join us.

We celebrate diversity throughout the community. The Company believes that discrimination on the grounds of disability, race, culture, religion or beliefs is unacceptable.

All of our staff believe that the person receiving a service is central to all that we do. We are not too large to make us impersonal, nor too small, so we can draw upon our resources. The family constantly fund new and diverse ways of working that meet the needs of people and employees.

Our surveys show how people enjoy the service provided and ourĀ employees enjoy working with us.

Why not see what opportunities we have available currently.

What makes us unique and why you would wish to join us

  • We are dynamic and will trying to try new approaches
  • Never rest on our laurels
  • Believe the person is central to all we do
  • Respect our staff
  • Employees who have worked for us for a long time
  • Loyalty to you
  • Vast experience, knowledge and expertise amongst the team
  • Individualised employment contracts of hours that suit
  • Commitment
  • Drive to ensure all employees are suitably qualified
  • Partnership working
  • Technology expertise