Share your views, ideas and help us all have a good service

At Constance Care we believe that no-one better than a person in reciept of a service can tell us what is good, or could be better. Family and friends are also important and where appropriate, be involved and obviously listened too.

We actively look for:

People who recieve a service/family/friends

  • People [whether you recieve a home care service or are a relative, or close family friend] to help us interview for general home care posts, as well as their own.
  • People to come and talk to our new employees at their induction training. We will support you and the group is never more than 6 people.
  • People to come and talk at home carer team meetings. You have the direct knowledge of our service and what we do well or could do better/differently.
  • To assist with adding to or informing our bi-annual newsletter.
  • Our annual questionairre.
  • Support and if you would be happy too, chair our Staff forum meetings, so you offer direct support to home carers who then bring items to management.
  • Come to an annual social lunch in your locality, with live entertainment, good food and great company.

Employees of Constance Care

  • Employees at all levels to assist with interviewing for same level posts ie home carer for a home care post, and so forth.
  • Employees to talk at home care team meetings about their experience, knowledge. Also drawing on people’s personal experience and knowledge.
  • Employees to assist in creating our bi-annual newsletter.
  • Annual questionnairres.
  • Staff forums where you meet with or inform management of general views, ideas of all of your colleagues.” Be a voice….”
  • Social lunches where you meet everyone in your area in a relaxed atmosphere. both colleagues and people we provide a service too. Great live entertainment, food and company.

We have a Comments and Suggestion leaflet, please use the link below if any of the above interests you, or you have a general thought for us.

Download Comments and Suggestions leaflet or simply email us.