Quality and Compliance

Constance Care provide a quality service and believe that each person is an individual and should be treated with respect and courtesy at all times. Our value base is that every person should receive an excellent quality of care that is tailored to meet their needs.


Our Quality Assurance consists of many strands, from a one to one phone call, face to face meetings, monitoring visits, audits and questionnaires, to ensure that you and your family are happy with the service being provided. We actively listen to your views and suggestions, and welcome any thoughts that will ensure you feel happy and relaxed knowing we care about you.

We don’t just ‘care for you, we care about you’. .

We ensure potential employees are formally interviewed, and have people who receive a home care service on our interview panel. We actively encourage you to interview for your own staff. You need to feel safe and secure with the staff in your home, and that the home carer enhances your life.

If the person is suitable they undergo a variety of robust checks from a formal Enhanced Disclosure, reference checks, Then we have a week’s induction comprising of formal class based learning, to practical hands on, and then shadowing an established home carer. Our senior carers also support all carers, and in particular do regular monitoring and review of any new employees.

“We are delighted to say that we received a 6 for Statement 1 on the Quality of Care and Support theme that was inspected by the Care Inspectorate. It is very difficult to gain a 6 and very few Companies do so.”

Constance Care is registered for Support Services [Care at Home] and Housing Support services. SCSWIS are an external Government body and all services have a legal obligation to register with them. We are subject to unannounced inspections and graded in accordance with SCSWIS grades i.e 6  for innovative practice.

We also work to ISO standards (See ISO report) which is an external quality check and are accredited at ISO 9001:2008. In five years we have never had any ‘major or minor’ amendments, which is an excellent standard for a company.

Constance Care is registered with the Information Commissioners Office as required by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Quality Assurance

Our belief is that you are at the heart of our service. Our Quality Team is headed up by a respected colleague with many years experience in Care in the Community. The monitoring and auditing of our service is crucial and to not only ensure you have a quality service, good outcomes and feel happy and safe when we are with you.

Our staff all underake a robust induction programme lasting over a week, comprising of both theory and direct practice. There are monthly development training programmes for all staff. We look to ensure our management staff also receive a programme of continous improvement.

We celebrate diversity throughout the community. The Company believes that discrimination on the grounds of disability, race, culture, religion or beliefs is unacceptable.